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Komal Patel
Komal Patel
5. April, 2021.
It's very good girls pg in Sector 44, gurgaon. My sister has been living there for last two years as she works for EPF REGIONAL OFFICE GURUGRAM. Food quality is so much good and the environment is so friendly and is able for studies. And the prices are affordable and genuine.
aazimah farooq
aazimah farooq
19. March, 2021.
OMG, this is the best Girls PG I have ever experienced in my life. The environment is very good and so is the food. Bhabhi and Baiya are so friendly that you don't feel like you are staying out of home. So, I would suggest girls who are actually looking for such PG's come here and experience the things😊
Pari Shokeen
Pari Shokeen
5. March, 2021.
I was looking for PG and bumped into Girlzstay through a reference. The one located in Sector 45, Gurgaon is very pleasant and affordable for students and professionals as well. As I work in Sector 44 Gurgaon, this is the best place . Also girls searching for PG in sector 44 and 45 in gurgaon , I insist you take a check here.
Diksha Mann
Diksha Mann
3. March, 2021.
Safe pg for girls. The amenities provided are good. The food is decent and accomodation is comfortable. I recommend this pg.
Annu Rana
Annu Rana
27. February, 2021.
Girlzstay is like home also food they provide is superb , all sharing rooms available at decent price, near to Sector 44 Gurgaon and HUDA Metro Station . Best Girls pg in sector 45

Welcome there!

Away from home , if you are looking for a budget-oriented and a sociable accommodation, you have reached the right place. Girlzstay offers a secure and affordable accommodation with food service making you feel “just at home.”

Welcome to our abode where girls experience the safe place , home cooked food and great hospitality.

Guests say


“I live in Central Bangalore and trust me after crossing the heavy traffic, and whole working day there’s no better place to relax than the Girlzstay accommodation. Peaceful and comfortable beds along with facilities like a common drinking room, A.C. & T.V. are a boon.”

Alfiya Hussain

“It is a treat to live in Girlzstay accommodations. Apart from the home-like facilities provided by them, I love the facilities they provide like the laundry, wifi connectivity, washing machine, beauty parlour service at a tap and so many others. The rooms are spacious and well ventilated—thankyou Girlzstay for such a right place in the budget.”

Nagma Sheikh


“I was scared when I had to choose a place for myself to live in Gurgaon. Then I came to know about Girlzstay. The staff was helpful from the very beginning and helped me choose the best to consider my every doubt and concern. The apartments provided by CoHo were beyond my expectations with lovely rooms and interior. Additional facilities like laundry, wifi, T.V., A.C. took care of my comfort. I am happy to find Girlzstay.”

Pari Dholakiya

“I have been living in the Girlzstay Apartment for eight months now, which has become a home to me. It’s comforting like home. It isn’t easy to find flats on rent at an affordable price, especially in Gurgaon Sector 45, but Girlzstay provides ample facilities that bring so much comfort and make the stay a lively one! Kudos to the services!”

Pooja Dutt

“I was new to Gurgaon and was searching for a good P.G. I came to know about Girlzstay through the internet. Finding such reasonable accommodation became so comfortable with Girlzstay. It was starting from saving my commute time, providing the best facilities without brokerage and well-furnished flats in my budget. It saved me time and money. The professionalism shown by them in the security deposit and its refund policy impressed me a lot.”

Ritu Kumari


“The new phase of my life, shifting from one city to another and looking for a home-like P.G. was made easy with the help of Girlzstay. Being a girl, I’m very particular about my stuff and belongings which got all stored in excellent furniture. This helped me maintain my favourites. I loved the decor & furniture provided by them.”

Roshni Bhatgani

“For a working woman like me, it was necessary to find a P.G. nearest to my office as I have to travel the route daily. Girlzstay helped me find a P.G. most relative to my office, which is beautiful to live. It solved my main concern of travel and saved my time daily. Love the cleanliness and hygiene they maintain on a timely basis—overall, an excellent place to stay.”

Rupali Dongare

“I am an Architect student, and the Girlzstay has fulfilled all my needs as an Architect student away from home. The spacious rooms were of great advantage to me as I have to draw my big sheets. The comforting and cosy beds helped me sleep well after a whole tiring working day. I love my stay here!”

Saudamini Lote

“I recommend Girlzstay as it is easily accessible, reliable & provide the best houses and services for girls. From the basic to the lavish facilities, everything is on point. From the cosy mattress & clean rooms to beautiful decor, it is a treat to live in such a place. Plus the parking facilities and cleaning facilities are a significant plus. I highly recommended it.”

Swati Rathi


“It’s been more than five months and zero complaints from my side; that’s why I call it my other home. I feel secure & enjoy my stay here as the security is on duty 24*7. The caring staff makes the place comfortable and imbibes a sense of security amongst us. Quick response to any issue is beneficial, and the solution is found out professionally.”

Sweta Shah

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