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The worst thing about moving away and living independently is that nothing will be at arm’s length anymore. This results in having an organized checklist of all the things you need before you move into a new room with a new roommate. Being absently minded comes easily when you are stressed, which is why we have an efficient checklist to avoid that from happening.

Room Needs

For any basic room, there are a few essentials which complete the room. For example, make sure you have a lamp, alarm clock and a wall calendar with you when you move into a new room. Apart from that, it is a smart idea to have a bulletin board with push pins to ease out your reminders. A toolkit and a first aid kit will come very handy too.

Laundry Needs

To cover up your laundry needs, have extra sheets and pillowcases with you. Towels, blankets, and clothes hangers are basic too. Detergent, a mini sewing kit, and a small laundry bag are also essential for fulfilling laundry needs.

Stationary/desk supplies

Stationery items are one of the essentials to keep in the room. Always have an extra stock of pencils, pens, notebooks, etc. in your room. A pair of scissors, cello-tape, a pack of sticky notes will be very helpful. A pencil holder for the study table, stapler along with stapler pins and a few extra files and folders are always a smarter idea to have

Other Main Essentials

part from these, have miscellaneous items like shoes, clothes, toiletries, essential documents, a few posters with you when you settle in a new place.

If you manage to have all the above essentials, you are ready to go and settle in, into your new room. Along with all this take some things that will make your room feel like home, whether that’s posters, pictures or another room décor, take it with you. These few things will make a new place feel like home.

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