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Q. Are furnished flats available?

Indeed there are many furnished flats accessible for rent, and Girlzstay offers the best arrangement. You will discover an agglomeration of choices for lodging here. Since this spot is the student hub, Girlzstay provides the best Girls PG in and around Gurgaon at affordable rates. Best of all, these flats have beautiful interiors; subsequently, these are reasonable.

Q. Is Girlzstay PG for girls spacious?

Yes, Girlzstay flats are spacious enough for comfortable accommodation of 1/2  people in a room. Depending upon the rooms you choose, the rooms are spacious enough for a comfortable stay that stores all the luggage in the furniture provided and still adequate space to move in the rooms.

Q. How is the security in the Girlzstay ?

Security is never an issue in Girlzstay . Girls’ separate rooms are available with 24*7 protection at the door. Any problem is solved professionally, and flats are secure to live in at any time of the day.

Q. How is the interior of the flat?

The Girls PG Interior in Gurgaon Sector 45 is beautiful with good quality furniture and colour-coordinated curtains. The table, walls, and the floor is maintained well making the interior good.

Q. What makes Girls PG at Girlzstay different from the rest?

Every minute to considerable detail is taken care of by Girlzstay. Hygiene and Cleanliness are the priority, and each service aims to provide extreme comfort and a stress-free stay. Basic and Luxury Facilities are available, along with exceptional facilities like Beauty parlour service and Laundry Service at the convenience of a call makes us different.

Q. What does Girlzstay accommodation offer?

Ans: Girlzstay accommodation is one of the finest and most convenient accommodation facilities available for girls looking for an accommodation in and around Gurgaon. The stay offers a complete homely experience to the girls with all the necessary facilities. The most significant aspect on offer at Girlzstay is the safety and security of the girls, especially at a location like Gurgaon. Located at prime areas of the region, Girlzstay accommodation provides girls with furnished AC rooms, cooking as well as laundry place in the premises itself.

Q. What all facilities are available for girls at Girlzstay locations?

Ans: There are endless facilities available at all Girlzstay locations in Gurgaon. The various facilities provided are-

• AC room with attached bathroom facilities
• A 24*7 water supply
• Self-cooking place
• Personal TV and WiFi facilities
• Parking place
• Washing machine as well as laundry service on call
• Beauty parlor service on call, etc.

Q. Is it secure for a girl to reside in the allotted Girlzstay room?

Ans: Yes, Girlzstay is known for its safe and secure accommodation services. The premises of Girlzstay have right and vigilant security 24*7 to ensure the safety of the girls residing there. Especially in a place like Gurgaon where crime rate could be an issue for the girls, the security aspect is one of the essential ones to be catered to. Girlzstay understands this and provides the best possible security services to the girls. Proper records of the girls out-going and in-coming details are maintained to handle the safety issues better.

Q. Why should one opt for Girlzstay rather than other accommodation options?

Ans: Girlzstay is the ideal place for girls looking for accommodation in Gurgaon. It is a home built for girls wishing to stay independently in the city. And, the ones who are looking for affordable accommodation options around the place. With all the luxurious facilities to provide complete convenience to the girls, Girlzstay premises are the best place for a girl to live in, in Gurgaon. The girls get a room with a bed, mattress as well as air conditioning supply 24*7. There is an attached bathroom as well as a self-cooking place for the girls. Those who wish can do their laundry by themselves or can call for services. Even facilities like personal parking space and beauty parlor services on the call are available at Girlzstay. Hence, there could be any other residing option for the girls with such facilities at reasonable pricing and proper security.

Q. Will I be able to choose the food I wish to eat?

Ans: Yes, that is one of the best facilities offered to the girls at Girlzstay. For those who wish to, can cook their own food in the self-contained space available at the Girlzstay premises. However, the essentials for cooking won’t be provided at Girlzstay. The girls can purchase their own essentials for cooking and utilize the space provided for cooking.

Q. Are there any parking spaces available nearby for the girls at Girlzstay?

Ans: Yes, Girlzstay provides its own parking space as a part of the free facilities under accommodation facilities. Those who own a two-wheeler or a car can park their vehicles in the allotted parking space by Girlzstay.

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