Moving to a different city and finding the right accommodation does seem like an intimidating job. PGs are one of the most popular choices among people in recent times. They are easy to live in and are affordable options for students. However, a lot of research and thought goes into choosing the right PG homes.

Girls especially find difficulty in looking for the right PG for themselves. Several factors play into this decision-making process. Picking the right PG for girls in Gurgaon will be a cakewalk if you keep these few points in mind. Here is a carefully curated checklist to help you pick the right PG accommodation for girls in Gurugram.


Relocating to a different city demands a certain rise in your budget and expenses. There is a definite increase in your expenses when you move to a new city. However, the most significant expense will be the one you splurge on accommodation. Real estate prices have risen over the years, and so has the cost of renting out a paying guest.

When choosing a PG, make sure it comes within your budget. Keep a margin for a potential increase in rent and living expenses and avoid any miscalculations. If your budget permits, you can even opt for luxury girls PG in Gurgaon. You needn’t have to settle as Gurgaon is famous for having a home for every budget. So, if you look well enough, you will find accommodation fitting your budget too.


Paying guests have the option of living alone or with other roommates who share rent with you. This is completely our choice, and you can pick the option you are most comfortable with. A single occupancy PG in Gurugram is apt for people who like their space and like living in solitude. However, the main concern that arises with these paying guests are safety issues.

Before choosing a PG, you must make sure that the surrounding area is safe for you to live in. Do your research well and ensure that the crime rates in your area are not very high. If you choose a paying guest in a guarded location, be certain that the watchmen and guards work efficiently. All these measures must be taken before settling for a PG to avoid any unforeseeable mishaps.


There are certain rules that you must abide by if you live in a PG. These rules may include certain points about the food you can eat inside the house, the electricity usage, cable usage, etc. One of the most common rules observed in PGs is against bringing in guests from outside. These guests include your parents, as well. Be certain of the guest policy of your PG before inviting your parents to stay over.

If you keep these points in mind, you will face no difficulty in finding the best PG for girls in Gurgaon. Being comfortable in your living space is something you must look out for. Comfort is one factor that will have more leverage over your choices than the aforementioned points! If you are seeking a girls PG in Sector 45, Gurgaon, without a second thought, pick Girlzstay for yourself! It is one of the best PG for students in Gurugram and offers plenty of facilities to its residents.

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